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Luther PL: Whispering Evil Part 2

Original Case File: F-2811-021-050517 (Whispering Evil Part 2) Location: Glastenbury, Vermont Luther’s Log: I took the team to Glastenbury, Vermont. Jennie had used her psychic abilities to identify where the most appropriate replacement for Paul’s psychic parasite. The undead shadow … Continue reading

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Case File: Whispering Evil Part 2

Case File: F-2811-021-050517 Related Files: None Location: Algonquin Hotel, NYC and Glastenbury, VT. Mythos Relation: The Lair of the Star Spawn (tcho-tchos) Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: Atlach-Nacha Tcho-Tchos Investigators Involved: Morgan Tirmizi (Adams) Luther Luckett Donnie Smits Jennie Cabot Rachel Kinowski Paul … Continue reading

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