Tcho-Tchos, Lesser Servitors

It should be noted that Tcho-Tchos in this campaign do not appear as they are described in the racist earlier real world writings of the early – mid 20th century Cthulhu Mythos stories and they are not a stand in for the fears of other people’s appearance, cultures and ways of life. 

listed as a tcho-tcho warrior, has not been confirmed.

Name: Tcho-Tchos
Type: Lesser Servitor (originally human)
Known Gods: Atlach-Nacha (and various other unconfirmed deities)
Locations Encountered:
Glastonbury, VT
Whispering Evil Part 2

Description: Traditional Tcho-Tcho file their teeth into vicious looking points and wear the sacred divine-circle-of-being haircut (a bowl cut) when on a sacred mission.

They also are given tattoos regularly to mark different occasions and changes in life. The tattoos and teeth are the most identifiable aspects that are the same between the different tribes of Tcho Tcho.

The traditional appearance that most investigators believe is that of tribal warriors from the South Pacific/East Asia area,  however this is no longer the case (nor may it have been the case to begin with).

Abilities: The biggest difference between Tcho-Tchos and a normal human is their resistance to the insanity of the Mythos. They routinely engage in “divine” acts that interact with other creatures. These interactions would drive most humans insane, but for whatever reason they are immune.

Some radical theorists believe they are survivors of an older strand of human that existed during the time of neanderthals and other human species. This may explain their ability to survive in extreme climates and in desolate areas as well.

Life: They generally live in small village/tribal groupings ranging anywhere from the Far East to Vermont in the USA. They have adapted to modern human times and several groupings have been heard of to exist living in big cities, generally in the areas with high immigration populations.

Unless they are one of the tribes in remote regions, they infiltrate into daily life of the modern world. They are now capable of using modern weapons, enjoying modern recreation such as theaters and radio and for all intents and purposes they would be a human-plus members of our society (meaning they are human, just with otherworldly connections, rituals and drives).

Rumored History (not confirmed): In the beginnings of time, Chaugnar Faugn made a race of beings, the Miri Nigri (no other current references of them) to serve him. The Miri were a race of creatures fashioned from the flesh of primitive amphibians. The Tcho-Tchos are said to come from humans originating in Tibet  who intermingled with the Miri, forming this lessor servitor race who appears in all aspects as humans from various cultures.

However, the taint of the Miri curses the Tchos with more mental health/insanity issues and a tendency to live in small tribal units. The unifying way to identify Tcho-Tchos are tattoos that they earn from childhood on, telling the tale of their life and service to those deities that should not be named, and the ritual filing of their teeth into sharp points.

… this will be updated as we gain more information.

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Betty Horscht, healer and guardian

Betty Horscht

Full Name: Betty Horscht
Gender: Female
Race: White (American), Not Quite Human
Height: 5′ 10”
Weight: 165 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Age: 52 (appears 19)

Build: Betty is tall, shapely built with an hourglass figure, and muscles hidden under her clothing.

Complete Physical Description:

Betty is taller than average, with blonde hair down to her shoulders and brown eyes. Her nose and mouth are small, with a dimpled chin.

Betty wears skirts and tops that accent her femininity, but also are cut to allow her to move around. She carries a satchel on her belt that contains some small items that include medical first aid bits. In addition she wears boots that are worn in and reliable.

Her family started as human (at least as it is told), however after centuries of guarding the well, the family has “adapted” as they call it and exhibited abilities normal humans do not have. In addition the members of the family can shift their bodies into the other gender, although this does not increase their abilities in the new gender.

Place of Birth:
Albany, NY

Date of Birth:
February 12, 1882

Father (James), Mother (Elizabeth), two older brothers (Robert, Daniel) and an older sister (Maggie).

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses:
Betty is gregarious and friendly to everyone. She is concerned with the health of her friends, and even more importantly with their safety. She is always watching the area around her for danger and instinctively puts herself between danger and her friends.

In addition she can heal by taking the wound onto herself. She is able to regenerate these wounds at a slow pace, but still much faster than a human.


Betty grew up with a family who was guarding a portal to one of the outer reaches. Her duties along with the women of her family was to protect those at the portal. Meanwhile her brothers were responsible for healing.

While healing is not her primary focus, she does have the same ability on a lesser scale as her brothers. The local mob boss took over their house at gunpoint, kidnapped the brothers and kept the sisters in the house to work for the mob.

Betty and her family couldn’t risk the thing in the well getting out, so they submitted to these demands until Luther and his group showed. At this time Betty decided she would not sit back and wait to protect those around her, but rather she would go out and find that danger and meet it head on.

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Paul Crow, lazy portal opener

Full Name: Paul Crow
Gender: Male
Race: White (American)
Height: 5′ 10”
Weight: 165 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Age: 21

Complete Physical Description:

Paul is of average height and build. His dark hair tends to be mid-length for the time. He has a clear complexion along with a ready smile and his hair is always in place.

Paul’s above average good looks tend to let him skate on working hard. He wears more working class wardrobe including button up worksheets and work pants. He wears normal leather soled shoes to round out his outfit.

Place of Birth:
Brooklynn, New York

Date of Birth:
February 29, 1913

Paul doesn’t know any relative, having grown up in an orphanage with Rachel.

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses:
Paul can be ingratiating, overly so when he is avoiding work. He is lazy and tends to show his misogynistic side, even with Rachel. Paul’s power is the ability to open a portal in objects such as walls or floors and step through to the other side.



Paul does come off as a self-important, ingratiating lazy person. This is true partially, however it has been shown that when in trouble, he will help his friends.

He grew up in an orphanage in New York, along with Rachel Kinowski. They roamed the streets and moved away from the orphanage after Rachel’s abilities surfaced. She then continued to support him from age 16 until he was picked up by the Candle.

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Added a photo for Morgan.

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Luther PL: Whispering Evil Part 2

Original Case File: F-2811-021-050517 (Whispering Evil Part 2)
Location: Glastenbury, Vermont

Luther’s Log:

I took the team to Glastenbury, Vermont. Jennie had used her psychic abilities to identify where the most appropriate replacement for Paul’s psychic parasite. The undead shadow that had inhabited Paul since he was a young child had hallowed out parts of his psyche, leaving him very vulnerable forever after to new entities.

They could use magical warding, but it would actually be easier fi they replaced the entity with a benevolent one that was more likely to help the group. Luther also hoped it would not filter everything Paul saw in a light designed to separate him, and manipulate him.

The team took the guise of surveyors, in order to get to the area they needed. I took point, and talked to the people we met that we were a subcontractor hired by the government.

We headed into the deep woods as soon as feasible. The trees were big, and very much like the black forest, but they felt tainted, or wrong. They felt unhealthy.

We met some little Asian men, with sharply filed teeth. I have learned they are Tcho Tcho’s. They are a race of men from the South Pacific that worship dark gods, and occasionally interbreed with otherworldly creatures.

One of the Tcho Tcho’s was so fast, and quick, that he took me down with barely a touch. Donni things this is some sort of “Martial Arts”. I have no idea.

We met Adelaide Brewster the owner of the land, and Jenni was sure we had to get into her basement. We also met Ta’Chi, a women that Adelaide had enslaved.

In all, Adelaide is a witch, and has set up shop worshipping the old gods for power. I played along, because as night fell, we found the stars were no longer the stars from home. We were no longer in Glastenbury, Vermont.

I strategy was to wait till dawn, and kill the witch, and her servants. Ta’Chi was actually a Ghoul. Not the slavering degenerative ones, but a version that was tall and strong. She was taken from her mother at birth.

I blanked out, by some sort of magic. The witch tried to feed on me, and I was saved by Jenni. My team was quietly getting in position, and dawn was approaching as I came to.

Saving me came at a cost, and Adelaide attempted to collar Jenni, and probably meant to keep all of us if we proved useful.

I immediately killed several Tcho Tcho’s, and freed Jenni. Jenni held her own against Adelaide, and once she had the woman down, attempted to chew through her stomach. Jenni does this when she encountered an enemy. She tries to eat them. It’s likely a part of her trauma.

We ended up facing off against the super fast “Tcho Tcho”, and the entire team was needed to deal with it. Betty used some trick to make the man go to sleep, then I broke his neck.

Betty was covered in blood that isn’t hers, and I really must spar with her to find out where her strengths lie.

Rachel pulled Jenni off of Adelaide, and I killed the witch.

We then went down tot he basement, where I entered a locked door, and found a well. Inside were a lot of spiderwebs that I burned out. Then a large eight foot spider attempted to come up out of the well. We killed it.

Jenni and I hopped won the well and found a reptilian person the spider had been feeding on. It must be one helluva race because the creature was still alive with barely a torso, an arm, and a head.

We rescued the dying creature because Jennie said he was who we had come for. We searched for all grimoires, and papers that might be of use. We then left, burning the house and part of the forest down in our wake.

Once we arrived at the boarding house, Morgan struck a deal with the creature, who is apparently an incredibly smart serpent race known for magical capabilities. The deal was struck, and Morgan placed it’s consciousness into Paul.

Paul was none the worse for wear afterwards. His right eye is now gold, to mark the occasion.

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Atlach-Nacha, Outer God

“A darksome form, big as a crouching man but with long spider-like members … He sw that there was a kind of face on the squat ebon body, low down amid the several-jointed legs. The face peered up with a weird expression of doubt and inquiry; and terror crawled through the veins of the bold huntsman as hem et the small, crafty eyes that were circled about with the hair.” – Clark Ashton Smith “The Seven Geases”

Name: Atlach-Nacha
Type: Great Old One
Known Followers:
Adelaide Brewster,
Worship Locations:
Glastenbury, VT
Whispering Evil Part 2

Atlach-Nacha superficially resembles a huge and hideous black hairy spider with a strange, remotely human face and little red eyes rimmed with hair. It lives underground, eternally spinning a fantastic web, bridging an unguessable deep chasm for unknown purposes.

Old books cite the belief that when the web is completed, the end of the world will come. In the remote past Atlach-Nacha’s dwelling was far beneath the continent of Hyperborea – Modern Greenland. How it may dwell beneath South America.

Known Cult: Atlach-Nacha is superstitiously believed to rule all spiders, perhaps because of its form. It ha no cult among humans, but gives some sorcerers/witches spells and power. Sorcerers sometimes summon Atlach-Nacha via various elder spells – a very dangerous approach, however, for the spider-god hates leaving its eternal work of spinning. The children of Atlach-Nacha in the Dreamlands – called the Long Spiders – are known to worship Atlach-Nacha.

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Case File: Whispering Evil Part 2

Adelaide Brewster’s house

Case File: F-2811-021-050517
Related Files:
Location: Algonquin Hotel, NYC and Glastenbury, VT.
Mythos Relation:
The Lair of the Star Spawn (tcho-tchos)
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered:

Glastenbury boarding house

Investigators Involved:
Morgan Tirmizi (Adams)
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Paul Crow
Betty Horscht

Known Background: After the recent events with Paul, Luther and Morgan decided that he needed to be fixed immediately. They spoke with Betty and determined that Betty’s sister Susan may be able to help. They sent for Susan while Paul asked to be let out of his room. Upon Betty and Susan’s return they discovered that Jennie could remove the thing inside of Paul’s head.

She removed the entity in his head after some discussion, and they discovered it left a hole that could be exploited by something else. They decided they needed to find something they could fill that hole, something like what happened with Morgan. So they rubbed Jennie on Paul and had her find a suitable replacement. She said go to Glastenbury, Vermont, there is something there that they could use. The group headed out the next morning.

They visited Susan and Betty’s home on the way up and then arrived in Glastenbury Vermont three days later. Upon arrival they secured lodging and found one section of the mountain was covered in heavy old growth forest. This was unusual as they had researched and found that the entire mountain had been harvested thirty years before. Upon noticing this, they knew that was where they needed to go. They also found that an old woman named Adelaide Brewster  lived in those woods.

Morgan stayed behind. Morgan was fairly sure that they would be detected by whoever lived in the woods. The rest of the group journeyed into the heavy woods. During their travel they noted the they were covering much longer distance then what they should be. Some sort of distance distortion occurred.

Once in the woods they met up with two different tcho tcho warriors who warned them to leave the old lady alone. They were servants to the old lady and there was some confrontation. Eventually a third person met with them, a young woman named Ta-chi who appeared Tibetan with a slave collar was more friendly and got the old woman.

They met with Adelaide Brewster who turned out to be a world traveller. She had travelled Europe, visited the Black Forest and then to the Southeast Asia. On her travels she collected her personal servants (read slaves). Adelaide seemed enamored with Luther who was also from Germany. There in the house they saw signs of spiders, and a picture of a young Adelaide with a civil war soldier on the counter.

Jennie was focused on an interior door, she told Luther that is where they had to go. At this time nightfall fell and a young woman returned, this woman was a young Adelaide. It turns out that at night Adelaide becomes her younger form, and as dawn approaches she returns to her actual age.

The group talked with her in this new form, they also talked with Ta-chi and found that the collar kept her in the form they saw. They found that Ta-Chi was a ghoul, a non-devolved ghoul.

During this time Adelaide led Luther outside and when he saw what was there, he lost all memory. It is believed it is a spell (or perhaps madness) and he awoke the next morning unsettled that he was naked and that Jennie was on top of him. It turned out that Adelaide attempted to sleep with him, but Jennie intercepted the situation and the result was Adelaide was still young in the morning. Unsure on how long that would last, Adelaide ordered her servants to attack while Luther went on a rampage killing two servants and finally Adelaide herself.

We cannot confirm reports that Jennie ate parts of Adelaide.

Upon the destruction of the witch and her servants, Luther secured Ta-Chi and freed her. They then went into the door and down into the basement finding another well. Inside the well was a large spider (approximately 8′ across with legs) and the remnants of an Ebliss (serpent man). They killed the spider and retrieved the dying remains of the Ebliss. It is rumored this was used to help Paul with his issues and the hole in him.

The team waited for another Golden Candle research group and then returned home undamaged. They determined that Adelaide was worshipping Atlacha-Nacha and the spider in the well was a gift.

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