Case File: Whispering Evil Part 2

Adelaide Brewster’s house

Case File: F-2811-021-050517
Related Files:
Location: Algonquin Hotel, NYC and Glastenbury, VT.
Mythos Relation:
The Lair of the Star Spawn (tcho-tchos)
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered:

Glastenbury boarding house

Investigators Involved:
Morgan Tirmizi (Adams)
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Paul Crow
Betty Horscht

Known Background: After the recent events with Paul, Luther and Morgan decided that he needed to be fixed immediately. They spoke with Betty and determined that Betty’s sister Susan may be able to help. They sent for Susan while Paul asked to be let out of his room. Upon Betty and Susan’s return they discovered that Jennie could remove the thing inside of Paul’s head.

She removed the entity in his head after some discussion, and they discovered it left a hole that could be exploited by something else. They decided they needed to find something they could fill that hole, something like what happened with Morgan. So they rubbed Jennie on Paul and had her find a suitable replacement. She said go to Glastenbury, Vermont, there is something there that they could use. The group headed out the next morning.

They visited Susan and Betty’s home on the way up and then arrived in Glastenbury Vermont three days later. Upon arrival they secured lodging and found one section of the mountain was covered in heavy old growth forest. This was unusual as they had researched and found that the entire mountain had been harvested thirty years before. Upon noticing this, they knew that was where they needed to go. They also found that an old woman named Adelaide Brewster  lived in those woods.

Morgan stayed behind. Morgan was fairly sure that they would be detected by whoever lived in the woods. The rest of the group journeyed into the heavy woods. During their travel they noted the they were covering much longer distance then what they should be. Some sort of distance distortion occurred.

Once in the woods they met up with two different tcho tcho warriors who warned them to leave the old lady alone. They were servants to the old lady and there was some confrontation. Eventually a third person met with them, a young woman named Ta-chi who appeared Tibetan with a slave collar was more friendly and got the old woman.

They met with Adelaide Brewster who turned out to be a world traveller. She had travelled Europe, visited the Black Forest and then to the Southeast Asia. On her travels she collected her personal servants (read slaves). Adelaide seemed enamored with Luther who was also from Germany. There in the house they saw signs of spiders, and a picture of a young Adelaide with a civil war soldier on the counter.

Jennie was focused on an interior door, she told Luther that is where they had to go. At this time nightfall fell and a young woman returned, this woman was a young Adelaide. It turns out that at night Adelaide becomes her younger form, and as dawn approaches she returns to her actual age.

The group talked with her in this new form, they also talked with Ta-chi and found that the collar kept her in the form they saw. They found that Ta-Chi was a ghoul, a non-devolved ghoul.

During this time Adelaide led Luther outside and when he saw what was there, he lost all memory. It is believed it is a spell (or perhaps madness) and he awoke the next morning unsettled that he was naked and that Jennie was on top of him. It turned out that Adelaide attempted to sleep with him, but Jennie intercepted the situation and the result was Adelaide was still young in the morning. Unsure on how long that would last, Adelaide ordered her servants to attack while Luther went on a rampage killing two servants and finally Adelaide herself.

We cannot confirm reports that Jennie ate parts of Adelaide.

Upon the destruction of the witch and her servants, Luther secured Ta-Chi and freed her. They then went into the door and down into the basement finding another well. Inside the well was a large spider (approximately 8′ across with legs) and the remnants of an Ebliss (serpent man). They killed the spider and retrieved the dying remains of the Ebliss. It is rumored this was used to help Paul with his issues and the hole in him.

The team waited for another Golden Candle research group and then returned home undamaged. They determined that Adelaide was worshipping Atlacha-Nacha and the spider in the well was a gift.

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Rachel Kinowski, telekentic

Full Name: Rachel Kinowski
Gender: Female
Race: White (American)
Height: 5′ 10”
Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: blonde
Age: 22

Complete Physical Description:

Rachel is taller than most women, she exudes a confidence that most women at the time don’t have. Her mannerisms are considered almost “mannish”, which belies her feminine form.

Her hair is blond, and shorter in length. It is cut more for utility then beauty, but it does give her a cute look when she is smiling. Her blue eyes are bright, with normal eyes and mouth.

Rachel tends to wear pants and button up shirts and has lately been wearing similar clothing as Luther. She has been adopting his style and utility as she learns from him. Paul has mentioned that no one has seen her wear a dress since she was 18.

Place of Birth:
New York City, New York

Date of Birth:
February 29, 1912

Rachel is unaware of any family except Paul who she grew up with.

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses:
Rachel is a telekinetic who worked for last few years as an “independent contractor” for several families in the New York/New Jersey area. She doesn’t show fear and does tend to behave like males in her same line of business.


Rachel grew up in an orphanage and from an early age took care of not only herself, but Paul. When she was sixteen her abilities with telekinetic powers showed themselves when she walked in on Paul being abused. She killed the man in charge of the orphanage and took Paul and left.

From that age she found work with some of the local underworld groups. As her powers grew, the work she did became more dangerous and better paid. She frequented the club that Luther was the bouncer and always clicked with him. Eventually she fell in with Luther after the “rat man” tried to make moves on her and Luther stopped it.

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Donnie Smits, pilot

Donnie, age 18

Full Name: Donald “Donnie” Albert Smits
Gender: Male
Race: White (British)
Height: 5′ 10”
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Age: 39 (Born 1896)

Build: Donnie is lanky of frame, with his hair falling into his face regularly. Still having a boyish smile, he doesn’t appear quite as old as he is.

Complete Physical Description:

Always exuding a boyish appearance, Donnie is average height, but lanky for his frame. He dresses in either currently popular clothing, or in older military clothing if he is working in the field.

His large smile compliments his dark eyes that have a smokey look to them, while his hair cut in a mid-length military fashion tends to fall into his eyes. When nervous or excited he pushes his hair up and out of the way.

Place of Birth:
Liverpool, England

Date of Birth:
June 12, 1896

Father (Wilson), Mother (Mary), and an older sister (Rachel).

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses:
Donnie has no capacity to wait or for patience when he is not on duty. He tends to drink, women, men and games of chance. If there is something in the area that will get a person in trouble, he will find it unerringly.


Donnie was always in trouble as a teenager in Liverpool. No matter the type of punishment he received, whether from the church or his parents, he would do everything people told him not to. He was obstinate and anti-authoritarian. Eventually in 1914, at the age of 18, his father pressed Donnie into joining the British Army, and he never looked back.

Donnie entered the British Army as infantry in the beginning. He joined the British Expeditionary Forces and was involved in the battle “First Ypres” which is often said where the vaunted British pre-war professional army died (58,000 casualties in 2 weeks).

Donnie was severely injured and spent time recuperating, he was also found to have suffered some mental instability. It was undetermined if this instability was part of him to begin with or as a result of First Ypres.

When he returned to active duty, Donnie joined the Royal Flying Corps and served as recon until 1917 when he was given his first fighter plane. He excelled at flying and his record was good enough that his issues when he was off duty was ignored.

At the end of the war Donnie was lost for several years. He floated with the wind, serving with mercenaries, and eventually ended up working onboard a ship. There he learned ship craft and became capable of sailing, piloting and guiding ships, which he seemed to enjoy almost as much as flying.

In the early 1930s he became involved in smuggling across the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He learned to drive and eventually participated in races and road rallies. Once again, he seemed to enjoy it with a large listing of races involved in, but it still wasn’t as good as flying.

Eventually he was approached by the Golden Candle, and hired to be their driver/pilot/etc and to give whatever aid he could to the group.

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Case File: Whispering Evil Part 1

inside a lightship

Case File: F-2811-021-043017
Related Files:
F…040217 “A Restoration of Evil”
F…041617 “Jenkins Lives”
F…042017 “Horscht House”
Location: Algonquin Hotel, Manhatten NYC, New York
Mythos Relation: The Horror at Red Hook
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Morgan Tirmizi (Adams)
Luther Luckett
Danny Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Paul Crow

The issue began with a dream. Luther dreamed about being in the hotel when he noticed a light coming from the hotel’s window. The light grew brighter and brighter and a horn could be heard far off. As the seconds ticked by the horn became louder and louder until it was a blaring ship horn. Finally the horn became the screams of Jennie shrieking through the hotel, waking Luther up.

He ran to her room found her screaming and choking, seawater was everywhere. He picked her up, and eventually had to slap her to wake her up. She looked directly at him and then puked seawater all over him. He put her to bed on the couch and cleaned up her room.

The next day the group found out that Lightship LV-117 Nantucket was hit and destroyed by the RMS Olympic. The lightship was a 130 foot long ship designed to bring in larger ships in the fog. It was one of the most dangerous jobs at the time. It should be noted that the RMS Olympic is a sister ship (built at the same time) as its more famous sisters the RMS Titanic and the RMS Brittanic. The 47,000 ton ship destroyed the lightship, killing 7 sailors on board. The Olympic was roughly 75 times the size of the lightship.

Lightship Nantucket Collision Sunk by RMS Olympic. Painting by artist Charles J. Mazoujian

At this time it is not determined what caused the mishap in the fog, or why Jennie picked up on it. While she does pick up on disasters, generally there is an occult or supernatural element to it.

During the next day a fight broke out between Paul and Jennie. Something to do with their bloodline. Luther was able to break up the fight and sent them to their respective corners. Meanwhile we were joined by Betty Horscht, a healer and calming presence. The next day Betty and Luther were driven out to Thomas Malone (the police officer from our case file “A Restoration of Evil”) to see if he could be healed and convinced to hire on with our team in at least a defensive role. His role as a police officer dealing with the occult can aid us greatly.

Luther arrived at Mr. Malone’s home with Betty and Danny and they talked for awhile. Malone appeared interested in the situation, while Luther realized that Mr. Malone’s wife had passed recently. She had become injured and was taken to the hospital in Red Hook which was nearby. There was a power outage and it appears she was killed by rats, along with several others, similar to case files: Jenkins Lives.

Betty healed him and Mr. Malone agreed to determine if he would accept in the next couple of days. Jennie has confirmed he will be calling. When they arrived a discussion developed and it was determined after a near fight over baked goods that something speaks to Paul “from the darkness” of the portals he creates.

A dispute erupted that Luther took care of immediately, stopping the fight between Jennie and Paul. They were possibly attempting to “work things out” when Betty had evidently had enough and came in putting both of them to sleep. Paul was out for the rest of the day while Jennie was out a short time. Morgan reinforced Paul’s room magically to keep the voices at bay (and is currently working on a tattoo to do this).

Meanwhile Luther learned that he can help feed both Betty and Jennie who are both subject to wasting away due to use of their powers (Betty much less so then Jennie as Jennie can’t turn her’s off). At some point Betty and Danny got together and he learned similarly how to do it.

It has yet to be established how to stop the influence on Paul fully, that will be pursued in the future.

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Case File: Horscht House

The Horscht House

Case File: F-2811-021-042017
Related Files: None
Location: Albany, New York
Mythos Relation: Unknown
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Paul Crow

Known Background: Albany is the location of a young lady named Betty Horscht that Donnie saved from the wretched creature that attempted to rape and kidnap her. The group went to check on her and verify that she was ok.

They arrived at her house, located in a quiet area of Albany and found that the house was surrounded by the Joseph Antonori branch of the Antanori family. There was an initial dispute but Luther did not let the gangsters push him out.

During this time Luther and Der Kinder found that the house was being used as a gambling and prostitution center. In addition the family was being used to heal sick and injured people who were associated with the Antonori family.

The group met with Susan the older sister, and Betty the girl that was rescued by Donnie. They determined that the girls were not willing partners and that they had natural healing abilities. Luther told Betty to stay tight and that they would make it right.

The group eventually assaulted the house to rescue Betty and were successful. They found that there was a magically capable person helping the gang. All mobsters were killed and they discovered the family lived here to help keep something locked in a well from getting out. It was tainting everything in the surrounding land.

Eventually they went down and killed the thing in the well, then secured the portal that lead to one of the “other places” as talked about by the Horscht family. It was also revealed that there was a father, two sisters (Susan and Betty), and two brothers. The brothers had disappeared, one into Appalachia and one into New England. The mother couldn’t be located at all (the brothers could be felt by Jennie).

They invited Betty onto the team and she said she would be there when they had finished fixing the house and gate. The group then returned back to New York to continue training.

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Location: PKSM (Miskatonic University)

Name:       Phi Kappa Sigma Mystiriodis (Regional HQ)
Type:         HQ/Living Area/Recruiting
Location: Miskatonic University – Arkham, Massachussetts

Originally a Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity this place was closed down in 1892 after an accident resulted in the deaths or involuntary commitment to an asylum. The official story was bread laced with a hallucinogenic compound. Per the Candle’s archives it appears to have been a communing/summoning ritual that went bad.

The fraternity was shut down until 1934 when it was bought by the Golden Candle and refurbished. It is currently awaiting the use of representatives of the Golden Candle for regional investigations. During this time it will reopen as a fraternity for Miskatonic University and help support the cost of operations and as a recruitment tool for new investigators.

Fraternity Roll Call:

to be determined…



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Case File: Jenkin Lives

rat/human hybrid

Case File: F-2811-031-041617
Related Files:
F…040217 “A Restoration of Evil”
Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn NY
Mythos Relation: The Dreams in the Witch House
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: Rat-Thing (nothing known about it)
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Paul Crow

Known Background: The group had been settling down for the prior two weeks. It appears that Luther has finally taken Paul under his wing and is training him.

On a Tuesday night, Jennie suffered one of her visions, feeling herself being eaten alive by small mouths. She found Luther and conveyed to him the problems. About half of the team was away, Jennie expressed her fears/impressions. Luther assessed the situation and determined they were equipped enough to investigate.

Luther, Paul, Jennie and Donnie arrived at an old, run down apartment building. They found the apartment that Jennie had visions of and established that the infant baby was missing. The father was delirious in angst and could not locate the baby.

After some time at the apartment Jennie had another vision, one of being eaten alive by rats. The group began looking again and finally in the basement of the building they found signs of rats that stole the baby. They ate the baby and when the group arrived some of them attacked the group while the leader seemed to disappear.

It is unknown at this time what the rats were and what they are doing. Luther and the group confirmed the loss of the baby with authorities and the father. They then returned home.

This file will be kept active until we can determine where the rats came from and what they were doing.

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