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Innsmouth, a small dark town

This is only a partial writeup, it will be updated at its main page location here: Founded: 1643 Current Population: 556 Associated Areas: Falcon Point and Boynton Beach (small hamlets) Major Industry: Fishing Leaders: Sebastian Marsh, F.Murray Gilman and Jonas … Continue reading

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Location: PKSM (Miskatonic University)

Name:       Phi Kappa Sigma Mystiriodis (Regional HQ) Type:         HQ/Living Area/Recruiting Location: Miskatonic University – Arkham, Massachussetts Originally a Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity this place was closed down in 1892 after an accident resulted in the deaths or involuntary commitment … Continue reading

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Wildcat & Orchid Bar

Name:       Wildcat & Orchid Bar Type:         Bar/Library Location: Manhattan, NYC Hours:      5am – 2am (everyday). Owner:     Jeppa Larsen Sitting beside the Pickingill Historical Society, the Wildcat & Orchid is one of the less well known … Continue reading

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Location: Algonquin Hotel

Name:       Algonquin Hotel (Investigator HQ) Type:         HQ/Living Area Location: Manhattan NYC, New York

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