Case File: End of the Redwood Gang

Sewer outside RW Gang HQ

Case File: F-2811-041-110217
Related Files: Curious Case of Misty, Sewer Clearing, Jenkins Lives
Location(s): Red Hook, Brooklyn NY
Mythos Relation: The Dreams in the Witch House
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: Rat-Thing (no stats avail.)
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski

The last two weeks have been more busy then normal for down time. We have been getting to know Ischara more, and she seems to have a positive contribution to the group.

Luther himself has gotten a couple of different job offers. One of them was given to him by Montel Schiffer, a Dutch commander in the Foreign Legion. He offered Luther a higher non-commissioned officer position, about double the money I can afford. Luther said no.

Two days later he got another offer. This time Thaddeaus Montgomery’s Candle Team. Lead by Mischa Troponov. It started when Luther got a call from the bar saying that Donnie was in a fight. Luther arrived to find Mischa holding Donnie down.

Once the situation was settled Mischa introduced Luther to Sylvia, one of their kinder who could “unleash death”. Luther never got to see what that meant, but it sounds like it is a serious thing.

Mischa offered to hire Luther for even more money. He also told Luther about the debt we are incurring. Luther is concerned for me. He turned down the money and in fact asked me to send a counter-offer for Mischa and Sylvia, which I have done.

During this time Rachel underwent their transformation. Ray is a handsome man, who carried both his looks and his capabilities to his new identity. The rest of the crew were a bit gobsmacked I think, and seemed very happy for Ray.

Finally Luther was able to take some time off and go back to Frankie’s in New York (Brooklynn). That way he could visit with David and get a break. It turned out to only be Theresa, Donnie and Luther. Luther seemed relieved to have a break. He cares about the rest of the kinder, but it is a full time job.

Once there he settled in until a hired hitman approached him. Proffering photos of the group he indicated that the Redwood Gang wanted him out of the city or they would kill his team.

Luther of course did not take that well. He killed the hitman right there and called Ray to bring in Jennie and anyone else who wanted to help. Misty of course was the first person there to volunteer.

They all met in NYC with Luther who organized them to sweep the sewers. They determined there were 9 of the gang left. The gang originally had more than 40 members, but thanks to the incidents that number had been reduced.

The team rolled through the sewers with no opposition. I don’t doubt for a second we will be threatened heavily and take losses in the future, but there is nothing the remaining Redwood Gang could really do to slow down our entire team sweeping with all Kinder active.

The brought me back a rat that Jennie really wants stuffed, and with a very happy team. In addition Luther brought back a map that the Redwood Gang was using. Theresa is currently trying to determine what the map is for. I am also sending feelers out as well.

Redwood Map

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