Case File: Carthage Lodge

Carthage Lodge (Catskill Mountains)

Case File: F-2811-021-090317
Related Files: None
Location: Carthage Lodge
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Mythos Relation: Unknown
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Betty Horscht

It was time for Luther and the crew to head up to the Carthage Lodge in the Catskill Mountains. The meeting between the families was scheduled for 7 days, the last 7 days the lodge was open before it closed for the season.

Luther arrived at New York to travel with Frank Garofalo and his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth turns out to have a spark in her, one that Jennie and Misty recognized immediately. She isn’t fully powered, but both think it gives her some sort of edge. It sounds like this comes from her great grandmother, an escaped slave in the south who turned Vodun Priestess.

Elizabeth appears smart and capable, although Luther did assign her a bodyguard at all times at the lodge. She would be a weak point for the Rats to use to make Frank make decisions. It does appear though after the fact that Frank confers with her and that they both are deeply in love. With him being in his late 50s/early 60s and her in her mid 35s it seems to fit well.













At the Lodge they met with multiple families. It was found out that it was a business proposition and alliance to help a Chinese Triad smuggle opium and people into the states through the New York area, and then into the heartland via Chicago. There were members from various families in those areas meeting. Here is a short description of each of them and what Luther found out.

The Lucchese Crime Family sent James Cataldo to host the meeting, along with Michael Gambia, and Ray Cutaia as soldiers with Matthew Shiona their accountant. We found that Mr. Cutaia had some of the Rats in his employ. Nothing confirmed, no attacks were made, but this is where the danger seems to be coming from.

Ray Cutaia mugshot circa 1933

The DeCavalcante Family, headed by Joeseph Consalvo arrived, they had 4 full blooded Italian soldiers that served under Benito Mussolini. They were here to help the DeCavalcante set up military supplies from Europe. They had no other influence except as another family helping with the “business”.

The “Chicago Outfit”, with Al Capone gone, a new replacement named Al “the Shotgun” Alderisio showed up with 9 men and his girlfriend “Angie”. They seemed fairly straight forward, but it seems Angie is actually in charge, using Al as the figurehead. Our team and her made some great connections.

Angie, from the “Chicago Outfit”

Finally they met with the Chinese contingent, including Bao Zhang, the official representative from the Wo Shing Wo Society (Triad) along with several enforcers along with several members of the Snakehead Gang. One member of the Triad knew Jennie, a gentleman named Guang knew Jennie and that gave Luther a connection with them.

During the time they were there, Jennie would wake up at 3am every night and hear chanting. Luther would take her, and sometimes others down to look for where it was coming from. The Carthage Lodge is huge and they found several basements, but never the exact location of the chanting.

At the end Luther found why the rats had never surfaced except for an errant individual. They met Adam, the lodge’s owner, who also happens to be like Jennie, but a male. His assistant Po explained that sometimes people with the spark arrive. They had spent the entire time protecting the meeting.

Evidently this is a normally protected area, but Adam and his people knew the rats were coming so they reinforced it. There will be another meeting in about six months. We are going to need to expect that the rats will find a way around it then. However, we have secured some allies both with Chicago and with the Carthage Lodge itself that would make this mission a victory.


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