Case File: Sewer Clearing

Boston Harbor 1930s

Case File: F-2811-021-081117
Related Files: Jenkin Lives
Location: Boston Harbor
Mythos Relation: The Dreams in the Witch House
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski

Misty has been with our group now for almost a month. Luther has been training her extra hard to gain an understanding of how her abilities work. What we have established is she hits harder then she looks, her weapons and fists penetrate protective clothing and inflict more pain.

During this time Luther picked up his sword he had made, and had a second sword made for Misty. They are very solid, reliable combat weapons. I will recommend that the Candle use the blacksmith for other weapons in the future.

After what Luther determined was adequate training, he decided to go back to Boston and clear out those sewers. First they stopped at Misty’s place and she retrieved her items. Luther also outfitted the team with his modern weapons he had secured earlier.

Barbara’s Boarding House

From there the entire field team (all members minus Morgan, Paul and Betty who was rotated out at the time) searched the sewers, allowing Misty to show them where to go. The sewers are incredibly expansive, fortunately Misty seemed to be in tune with it.

Boston Sewers

There was another mafia family who controlled part of the sewers and seemed to be working with whatever force that Misty was protecting the sewers against. They came across cultists/mafia (it could not be determined if they were actual mafia, that is just an assumption at this point).

It should also be noted that they came across a few of those human faced rats. They died fairly quickly but it has been reported it was very disquieting to see them. There was also mention of the “Redwoods” a local gang that may have members like the rat-like man who attacked Betty and Donnie saved her from.

They also came across a room with a sigil placed in the wall. The area was similar to the sigil that Betty’s family protects the world from. Luther went to action and the team secured the room, eliminated all threats and pushed the idol in the middle of the room into the ocean.

Luther claims Nodens was helping. I hope he is right, we could use all the help we can.

The final result was the sewers cleared for the moment. Misty is a good addition to the team, and Luther has requested the Candle settle a team over the area to guard it.

This may not be a bad idea, the “kinder” as Luther calls them are attracted to the area, and with Misty leaving with us it is undoubtably going to be a new one that arrives fairly soon.

We have leads on possible issues dealing with the group running out of the sewers, but will not report exact details until we can confirm.


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