Case File: Curious case of Misty

Boston Harbor 1930s

Case File: F-2811-021-072917
Related Files: None
Location: Boston Harbor
Mythos Relation: Unknown
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski

It has been quiet since the last assignment and the team has had a lot of time to practice and get used to each other.

During this time Luther secured a connection with his contacts in the Boston Harbor and New York and had arranged German weapons to be purchased. In late September he was contacted by those people to alert him that his cargo had been received.

Luther took Rachel, Donnie and Jennie with him to secure the cargo. While they were down there he found out that his old war buddy Vernon Schmidt had gone out of his way to secure the appropriate gear, far above what was expected.

Luther indicated this person was one of the survivors of that night that awoken him to the occult. I still haven’t heard the full story. We will probably have Luther relate that story to us at some point in time.

While at the harbor he had heard about a woman that was spotted that appeared similar to Jennie. He related to me that he was hoping it was another one of the psychics. He made his way down to the area that the woman had been seen and discovered at the same time,  that there were other people with rat like appearances who were part of the “Redwood” gang. They looked for people like Jennie.

Luther came across an old boarding house that served the young woman he had heard about. He approached this woman and found the keeper of the boarding house named Barbara had watched over her. She mentioned to Luther that the young girl’s name was Misty.

Barbara’s Boarding House

Misty is in her mid-twenties, far older then most like Jennie. She was some sort of psychic warrior. She kept the sewers of the area clear of bad things, and paid her way by being an escort to the local men. Her only obvious weapons were an older revolver and a cavalry saber she had received a few years before as a gift.

Luther had reached her in bad shape though. She was sick, dying and would soon pass. He asked her about it and she said she wasn’t worried because another girl would come take her place, like she took the place of the girl before her.

I still do not know how Luther convinced Misty, but she fed off him and he then convinced her to come home so we can try and heal her. I think we can, it will just take some serious work on our part. I will write about that more later.

While he was down there, before they came back, Luther decided to go down to his old club he bounced for. There he met a man named David and they seemed to have hit it off. Luther was smiling when he got back. That is a good sign.


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