Ruby Millicent, linguist

Ruby, First day back at MU

Full Name: Ruby Millicent
Birth Name: Chen-Jin “Ancient Gold”  (no surname)
Gender: Female
Race: Chinese
Height: 5’3″”
Weight: 105 lbs
Eyes: brown
Hair: Black
Age: 24
Build: Slender and short.

Complete Physical Description:
She is a short slender woman of an Chinese descent. Her hair is kept tied back generally and she wears traditionally western clothing, blouses and slacks primarily.

She is in excellent condition, having been an athlete at Miskatonic University in her undergraduate years. Her sports were javelin, track and swimming.

She does wear lipstick, shadow and all the standard western woman accountraments, along with being heavily tattooed as a child/teen by her family. She only wears clothes that will show off any of the tattoos when she is feeling safe.

Place of Birth:
Zhoushang Archipelago, China

Date of Birth:
June 30, 1912

An adoptive set of white parents, two sisters and two brothers (adopted)

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses:
Quite, demure, but very loyal and can definitely relax when the situation warrants. She is an accomplished linguist and can speak/write more than 12 languages fluently, and several others at least partially.

List of Personal Logs:

  • None Yet


During her time as a baby (approximately 1911/1912 to her knowledge) her grandmother rescued  her from the aftermath of the Wuchang Uprising in her native homeland of China.

As far as Ruby understands it, her family lived on an island and the Wuchang Uprising had occurred. The event itself didn’t displace her, rather it was the resulting changes in the country. The revolutionaries that had overthrown the Qing government eventually made their way to the islands her family lived at.

Her grandmother escaped the attack on her people that occurred during a volcanic eruption from a newly appearing island (there are 1,390 islands in that archipelago). Her grandmother arrived in San Diego 5 months later with Ruby as a very very small child.

Her grandmother’s efforts left her ill and she passed within two years. Ruby was adopted by a set of white parents with 4 children (two boys, two girls) and cared for Ruby as their own. They renamed her as a young child Ruby in order for her to fit in more. They felt it was sufficiently exotic without being truly too exotic.

Ruby grew up in a middle class household, won scholarships to Miskatonic University and discovered she had a knack for languages.

Ruby has never understood the tattoos on herself, she doesn’t know the meanings of them as they are not in any of the languages she speaks, fluently or not.

Ruby excelled in her masters degree as well and was hired by the Golden Candle, specifically by Luther Luckett to work for the group.


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