Case File: Rescuing Betty’s Brother

Innsmouth Harbor

Case File: F-2811-055-070217
Related Files:
Overlook Point and Meetings
Location(s): Innsmouth, MA,
Mythos Relation:Innsmouth
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett (Leader/Soldier)
Donnie Smits (Pilot/Soldier)
Jennie Cabot (Psychic)
Rachel Kinowski (Telekenetic)
Ruby Millicent (Linguist)
Paul Crow (Researcher)
Betty Horscht (Healer/Fighter)
Jeremiah Boone (Archeology/Anthropology)

The team was finally given the go ahead by Jennie to try and retrieve Betty’s brother from his captivity. Using Luther’s persuasion of the local real estate agent, the team made a bid to come to Innsmouth to check for places to buy, especially the “Custom House”. An old abandoned port of entry.

They also found research that indicated that Dagon could be traced back to the middle east. It was unclear why, but originally there were references to Dagon being the god of grain and fertility, then at some point the god of the sea. However, the recurring theme was the punishment of Dagon statues by decapitation of the head and hands.

Luther presented himself as a businessman with wide ranging interests on that Monday, his girlfriend was Jennie and his assistant was Rachel. Jeremiah and Ruby were servants.

They arrived at the town and met with a Reginald Abernathy, who escorted them around for most of the day showing them different places. The found a few things of note.

  • War Memorial

    The Custom House had a sewer/smuggling system that ran under it. It led from deeper in the town (ending at the church for the Esoteric Order of Dagon) with several cutoffs

  • The Church Street Green, Revolutionary War Memorial had statues back to the Revolutionary War had their heads destroyed and in many cases their hands.
  • The oldest cemetery Church Street Burying Ground has the most “sacred” or not contaminated feel according to Jennie while the Christchurch Cemetery with the most powerful families was.
  • The Gilman House was the only open hotel, of dubious nature. There were no locks on the doors and the fire escape had long since collapsed.
  • Innsmouth Cafe, a horrible tasting cafe with a waitress who tried to hit on Luther.
  • First National Grocer was ran by non-Innsmouth manager named Albert. This is where the group bought food and a hot plate.

Luther met Arthur Mackey, a representative of the state inspection board (turns out he is actual FBI). Mackey and Luther talked for a while that evening, Luther was satisfied Mackey was not a local plant.

The group survived the first night at the Gilman House. Luther and Donnie both heard things moving in the attic, but nothing occurred. By morning everyone but Ruby had nightmares, trouble sleeping and in general were aggravated.

That morning Paul showed up with Betty. In the middle of the prior night they had driven from Arkham. Luther decided to use Paul to help get into the location of Betty’s brother.

The group made their way through the smuggling tunnel, with dynamite and weapons. As they arrived at the Church for the Order of Dagon, when they used Paul to sneak in. Here is where Arthur Mackey arrived and revealed who he worked for. He then assisted the group for the rest of the time.

The group snuck into the church. Jennie, utilizing a spell given to her by Florence (an occultist that will be joining our group) and by using Luther to power it, cast the spell rendering the members of the church unconscious.

At this time Luther took initiative to end the monsters in the church, he laced the area with dynamite and blew much of it apart. This resulted in the death of many deep ones, and deep one hybrids. He was also able to secure a lot of information from the church during this.

Once they left the church, the were engaged by a small lady, much like Jennie, in a  fight. Jennie and the young woman fought until the woman perished. The death seemed to signal the remaining hybrid/inhabitants to retreat and Luther was able to hold out until the National Guard arrived on Mackey’s orders.

Everyone returned safe with a plethora of new information. The town itself is still very dangerous. I do not believe the threat has been fully eliminated. We will need to explore Innsmouth further, there are many secrets that have not been revealed.


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