Case File: Overlook Point and Meetings

Overlook (Lovers) Point

Case File: F-2811-055-0617/2417
Related Files:
Location(s): Innsmouth, MA,
PKSM (MU University)
Mythos Relation:Innsmouth
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski

The team had finally arrived at Miskatonic University. Their purpose was to take over the PKSM fraternity/sorority on campus. They would use this place to help search for recruits for the Golden Candle.

Shortly after arriving at the University, Luther met Dr. McTavish, the head of Archeology and Dr. Nash, the head of Anthropology in an attempt to get referrals of students that would work with the group well.

Dr. Nash invited Luther and whoever he wanted to bring to the barbecue the weekend before school started again.

During the following Friday, before the barbecue, Luther was awaken from his sleep by Jennie. She told Luther that he needed to take her for a drive, and Luther concluded with the blood running out of Jennie’s nose that it must be a vision they had.

Luther and Jennie drove up some backroads and eventually ended up on Overlook Point, a place just outside Innsmouth, with a nice view overlooking the town, the harbor and the surrounding area.

While they were there they saw a larger group of people on boats heading out to a smaller island. They carried torches and it appeared to not be a normal set of activities you would find in a fishing or gold refining town.

Before the two could leave, one of the Innsmouth deputies arrived on the scene and harassed the two of them creepily. He had assumed they were using the location and the car to be more intimate, which Luther and Jennie seemed to agree with.

After the harassing police officer left, the two of them returned back to the house and debriefed Morgan and the rest of the group. They decided after the barbecue they would make retrieving Betty’s brother from the town their goal.

The barbecue itself went by fairly well. There they met Jeremiah Boone, an African American Anthropology/Archeology masters student. Florence Dinner, a red headed occult major from Liverpool UK and Ruby Millicent, an asian linguist who seems to be related to the Tcho Tcho people.

During the barbecue, Dr. Nash and Dr. McTavish took Luther, Rachel and the new students to the restricted section of the library. There they showed them case study books of different races, including Tcho Tcho, people like Jennie and even like Rachel. They learned that Joan of Arc may have been two women who were sisters, or just close, but history lumped them together.

Dr. Nash and Dr. McTavish have given permission for Luther to visit the restricted archives at his leisure.


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