Tcho-Tchos, Lesser Servitors

It should be noted that Tcho-Tchos in this campaign do not appear as they are described in the racist earlier real world writings of the early – mid 20th century Cthulhu Mythos stories and they are not a stand in for the fears of other people’s appearance, cultures and ways of life. 

listed as a tcho-tcho warrior, has not been confirmed.

Name: Tcho-Tchos
Type: Lesser Servitor (originally human)
Known Gods: Atlach-Nacha (and various other unconfirmed deities)
Locations Encountered:
Glastonbury, VT
Whispering Evil Part 2

Description: Traditional Tcho-Tcho file their teeth into vicious looking points and wear the sacred divine-circle-of-being haircut (a bowl cut) when on a sacred mission.

They also are given tattoos regularly to mark different occasions and changes in life. The tattoos and teeth are the most identifiable aspects that are the same between the different tribes of Tcho Tcho.

The traditional appearance that most investigators believe is that of tribal warriors from the South Pacific/East Asia area,  however this is no longer the case (nor may it have been the case to begin with).

Abilities: The biggest difference between Tcho-Tchos and a normal human is their resistance to the insanity of the Mythos. They routinely engage in “divine” acts that interact with other creatures. These interactions would drive most humans insane, but for whatever reason they are immune.

Some radical theorists believe they are survivors of an older strand of human that existed during the time of neanderthals and other human species. This may explain their ability to survive in extreme climates and in desolate areas as well.

Life: They generally live in small village/tribal groupings ranging anywhere from the Far East to Vermont in the USA. They have adapted to modern human times and several groupings have been heard of to exist living in big cities, generally in the areas with high immigration populations.

Unless they are one of the tribes in remote regions, they infiltrate into daily life of the modern world. They are now capable of using modern weapons, enjoying modern recreation such as theaters and radio and for all intents and purposes they would be a human-plus members of our society (meaning they are human, just with otherworldly connections, rituals and drives).

Rumored History (not confirmed): In the beginnings of time, Chaugnar Faugn made a race of beings, the Miri Nigri (no other current references of them) to serve him. The Miri were a race of creatures fashioned from the flesh of primitive amphibians. The Tcho-Tchos are said to come from humans originating in Tibet  who intermingled with the Miri, forming this lessor servitor race who appears in all aspects as humans from various cultures.

However, the taint of the Miri curses the Tchos with more mental health/insanity issues and a tendency to live in small tribal units. The unifying way to identify Tcho-Tchos are tattoos that they earn from childhood on, telling the tale of their life and service to those deities that should not be named, and the ritual filing of their teeth into sharp points.

… this will be updated as we gain more information.


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