Innsmouth, a small dark town

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Town of Innsmouth

Founded: 1643
Current Population: 556
Associated Areas: Falcon Point and Boynton Beach (small hamlets)
Major Industry: Fishing
Leaders: Sebastian Marsh, F.Murray Gilman and Jonas Waite.
Religion: Esoteric Order of Dagon (independent church)

Innsmouth lies north on Highway 1A outside of Arkham, utilizing an unmarked junction leads you in to the coast of Essex County, Massachusetts, south of Plum Island and north of Cape Ann. The town of Ipswich, Massachusetts is a near neighbor, where many Innsmouth residents do their shopping; Rowley, Massachusetts, another neighboring town, is said to be to the northwest.

The climate in the fall is low 50s to mid-60s F. First snowfall often arrives late in October, but sometimes as late as November. Winter highs range from mid-20s to upper 30s, and spring raises the temperature tot he 50s and 60s. In the summers the temperatures rarely go above the mid-80s.

Government of Innsmouth and the neighboring villages of Falcon Point and Boynton Beach share a township government. Annual meetings are March 15 at the Assembly Hall in Innsmouth with general elections held every three years.


  • Region settled by Hogg, Eliot, Marsh and Martin families from Newbury
  • First voyage to the West Indies in 1662
  • By the American Revolution the population was approximately 2,000 people.
  • At the battle of Bunker Hill, a contingent from Innsmouth helped the American side.
  • War of 1812 brought an end to the good times and trading.
  • An unfortunate series of maritime disasters happened next few decades.
  • After fishing started to fail, the industry became the Marsh Gold Refinery.
  • In 1846 the town was struck by a plague believed to have been carried by a ship returning from the South Pacific. This resulted in riots and deaths of dozens of inividuals.
  • By the American Civil War the town had fallen into decline, many empty houses.
  • Today Innsmouth is only a shadow of its former self.

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