Betty Horscht, healer and guardian

Betty Horscht

Full Name: Betty Horscht
Gender: Female
Race: White (American), Not Quite Human
Height: 5′ 10”
Weight: 165 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Age: 52 (appears 19)

Build: Betty is tall, shapely built with an hourglass figure, and muscles hidden under her clothing.

Complete Physical Description:

Betty is taller than average, with blonde hair down to her shoulders and brown eyes. Her nose and mouth are small, with a dimpled chin.

Betty wears skirts and tops that accent her femininity, but also are cut to allow her to move around. She carries a satchel on her belt that contains some small items that include medical first aid bits. In addition she wears boots that are worn in and reliable.

Her family started as human (at least as it is told), however after centuries of guarding the well, the family has “adapted” as they call it and exhibited abilities normal humans do not have. In addition the members of the family can shift their bodies into the other gender, although this does not increase their abilities in the new gender.

Place of Birth:
Albany, NY

Date of Birth:
February 12, 1882

Father (James), Mother (Elizabeth), two older brothers (Robert, Daniel) and an older sister (Maggie).

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses:
Betty is gregarious and friendly to everyone. She is concerned with the health of her friends, and even more importantly with their safety. She is always watching the area around her for danger and instinctively puts herself between danger and her friends.

In addition she can heal by taking the wound onto herself. She is able to regenerate these wounds at a slow pace, but still much faster than a human.


Betty grew up with a family who was guarding a portal to one of the outer reaches. Her duties along with the women of her family was to protect those at the portal. Meanwhile her brothers were responsible for healing.

While healing is not her primary focus, she does have the same ability on a lesser scale as her brothers. The local mob boss took over their house at gunpoint, kidnapped the brothers and kept the sisters in the house to work for the mob.

Betty and her family couldn’t risk the thing in the well getting out, so they submitted to these demands until Luther and his group showed. At this time Betty decided she would not sit back and wait to protect those around her, but rather she would go out and find that danger and meet it head on.


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