Luther PL: Whispering Evil Part 2

Original Case File: F-2811-021-050517 (Whispering Evil Part 2)
Location: Glastenbury, Vermont

Luther’s Log:

I took the team to Glastenbury, Vermont. Jennie had used her psychic abilities to identify where the most appropriate replacement for Paul’s psychic parasite. The undead shadow that had inhabited Paul since he was a young child had hallowed out parts of his psyche, leaving him very vulnerable forever after to new entities.

They could use magical warding, but it would actually be easier fi they replaced the entity with a benevolent one that was more likely to help the group. Luther also hoped it would not filter everything Paul saw in a light designed to separate him, and manipulate him.

The team took the guise of surveyors, in order to get to the area they needed. I took point, and talked to the people we met that we were a subcontractor hired by the government.

We headed into the deep woods as soon as feasible. The trees were big, and very much like the black forest, but they felt tainted, or wrong. They felt unhealthy.

We met some little Asian men, with sharply filed teeth. I have learned they are Tcho Tcho’s. They are a race of men from the South Pacific that worship dark gods, and occasionally interbreed with otherworldly creatures.

One of the Tcho Tcho’s was so fast, and quick, that he took me down with barely a touch. Donni things this is some sort of “Martial Arts”. I have no idea.

We met Adelaide Brewster the owner of the land, and Jenni was sure we had to get into her basement. We also met Ta’Chi, a women that Adelaide had enslaved.

In all, Adelaide is a witch, and has set up shop worshipping the old gods for power. I played along, because as night fell, we found the stars were no longer the stars from home. We were no longer in Glastenbury, Vermont.

I strategy was to wait till dawn, and kill the witch, and her servants. Ta’Chi was actually a Ghoul. Not the slavering degenerative ones, but a version that was tall and strong. She was taken from her mother at birth.

I blanked out, by some sort of magic. The witch tried to feed on me, and I was saved by Jenni. My team was quietly getting in position, and dawn was approaching as I came to.

Saving me came at a cost, and Adelaide attempted to collar Jenni, and probably meant to keep all of us if we proved useful.

I immediately killed several Tcho Tcho’s, and freed Jenni. Jenni held her own against Adelaide, and once she had the woman down, attempted to chew through her stomach. Jenni does this when she encountered an enemy. She tries to eat them. It’s likely a part of her trauma.

We ended up facing off against the super fast “Tcho Tcho”, and the entire team was needed to deal with it. Betty used some trick to make the man go to sleep, then I broke his neck.

Betty was covered in blood that isn’t hers, and I really must spar with her to find out where her strengths lie.

Rachel pulled Jenni off of Adelaide, and I killed the witch.

We then went down tot he basement, where I entered a locked door, and found a well. Inside were a lot of spiderwebs that I burned out. Then a large eight foot spider attempted to come up out of the well. We killed it.

Jenni and I hopped won the well and found a reptilian person the spider had been feeding on. It must be one helluva race because the creature was still alive with barely a torso, an arm, and a head.

We rescued the dying creature because Jennie said he was who we had come for. We searched for all grimoires, and papers that might be of use. We then left, burning the house and part of the forest down in our wake.

Once we arrived at the boarding house, Morgan struck a deal with the creature, who is apparently an incredibly smart serpent race known for magical capabilities. The deal was struck, and Morgan placed it’s consciousness into Paul.

Paul was none the worse for wear afterwards. His right eye is now gold, to mark the occasion.


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