Case File: Whispering Evil Part 2

Adelaide Brewster’s house

Case File: F-2811-021-050517
Related Files:
Location: Algonquin Hotel, NYC and Glastenbury, VT.
Mythos Relation:
The Lair of the Star Spawn (tcho-tchos)
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered:

Glastenbury boarding house

Investigators Involved:
Morgan Tirmizi (Adams)
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Paul Crow
Betty Horscht

Known Background: After the recent events with Paul, Luther and Morgan decided that he needed to be fixed immediately. They spoke with Betty and determined that Betty’s sister Susan may be able to help. They sent for Susan while Paul asked to be let out of his room. Upon Betty and Susan’s return they discovered that Jennie could remove the thing inside of Paul’s head.

She removed the entity in his head after some discussion, and they discovered it left a hole that could be exploited by something else. They decided they needed to find something they could fill that hole, something like what happened with Morgan. So they rubbed Jennie on Paul and had her find a suitable replacement. She said go to Glastenbury, Vermont, there is something there that they could use. The group headed out the next morning.

They visited Susan and Betty’s home on the way up and then arrived in Glastenbury Vermont three days later. Upon arrival they secured lodging and found one section of the mountain was covered in heavy old growth forest. This was unusual as they had researched and found that the entire mountain had been harvested thirty years before. Upon noticing this, they knew that was where they needed to go. They also found that an old woman named Adelaide Brewster  lived in those woods.

Morgan stayed behind. Morgan was fairly sure that they would be detected by whoever lived in the woods. The rest of the group journeyed into the heavy woods. During their travel they noted the they were covering much longer distance then what they should be. Some sort of distance distortion occurred.

Once in the woods they met up with two different tcho tcho warriors who warned them to leave the old lady alone. They were servants to the old lady and there was some confrontation. Eventually a third person met with them, a young woman named Ta-chi who appeared Tibetan with a slave collar was more friendly and got the old woman.

They met with Adelaide Brewster who turned out to be a world traveller. She had travelled Europe, visited the Black Forest and then to the Southeast Asia. On her travels she collected her personal servants (read slaves). Adelaide seemed enamored with Luther who was also from Germany. There in the house they saw signs of spiders, and a picture of a young Adelaide with a civil war soldier on the counter.

Jennie was focused on an interior door, she told Luther that is where they had to go. At this time nightfall fell and a young woman returned, this woman was a young Adelaide. It turns out that at night Adelaide becomes her younger form, and as dawn approaches she returns to her actual age.

The group talked with her in this new form, they also talked with Ta-chi and found that the collar kept her in the form they saw. They found that Ta-Chi was a ghoul, a non-devolved ghoul.

During this time Adelaide led Luther outside and when he saw what was there, he lost all memory. It is believed it is a spell (or perhaps madness) and he awoke the next morning unsettled that he was naked and that Jennie was on top of him. It turned out that Adelaide attempted to sleep with him, but Jennie intercepted the situation and the result was Adelaide was still young in the morning. Unsure on how long that would last, Adelaide ordered her servants to attack while Luther went on a rampage killing two servants and finally Adelaide herself.

We cannot confirm reports that Jennie ate parts of Adelaide.

Upon the destruction of the witch and her servants, Luther secured Ta-Chi and freed her. They then went into the door and down into the basement finding another well. Inside the well was a large spider (approximately 8′ across with legs) and the remnants of an Ebliss (serpent man). They killed the spider and retrieved the dying remains of the Ebliss. It is rumored this was used to help Paul with his issues and the hole in him.

The team waited for another Golden Candle research group and then returned home undamaged. They determined that Adelaide was worshipping Atlacha-Nacha and the spider in the well was a gift.


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