Case File: Whispering Evil Part 1

inside a lightship

Case File: F-2811-021-043017
Related Files:
F…040217 “A Restoration of Evil”
F…041617 “Jenkins Lives”
F…042017 “Horscht House”
Location: Algonquin Hotel, Manhatten NYC, New York
Mythos Relation: The Horror at Red Hook
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Morgan Tirmizi (Adams)
Luther Luckett
Danny Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Paul Crow

The issue began with a dream. Luther dreamed about being in the hotel when he noticed a light coming from the hotel’s window. The light grew brighter and brighter and a horn could be heard far off. As the seconds ticked by the horn became louder and louder until it was a blaring ship horn. Finally the horn became the screams of Jennie shrieking through the hotel, waking Luther up.

He ran to her room found her screaming and choking, seawater was everywhere. He picked her up, and eventually had to slap her to wake her up. She looked directly at him and then puked seawater all over him. He put her to bed on the couch and cleaned up her room.

The next day the group found out that Lightship LV-117 Nantucket was hit and destroyed by the RMS Olympic. The lightship was a 130 foot long ship designed to bring in larger ships in the fog. It was one of the most dangerous jobs at the time. It should be noted that the RMS Olympic is a sister ship (built at the same time) as its more famous sisters the RMS Titanic and the RMS Brittanic. The 47,000 ton ship destroyed the lightship, killing 7 sailors on board. The Olympic was roughly 75 times the size of the lightship.

Lightship Nantucket Collision Sunk by RMS Olympic. Painting by artist Charles J. Mazoujian

At this time it is not determined what caused the mishap in the fog, or why Jennie picked up on it. While she does pick up on disasters, generally there is an occult or supernatural element to it.

During the next day a fight broke out between Paul and Jennie. Something to do with their bloodline. Luther was able to break up the fight and sent them to their respective corners. Meanwhile we were joined by Betty Horscht, a healer and calming presence. The next day Betty and Luther were driven out to Thomas Malone (the police officer from our case file “A Restoration of Evil”) to see if he could be healed and convinced to hire on with our team in at least a defensive role. His role as a police officer dealing with the occult can aid us greatly.

Luther arrived at Mr. Malone’s home with Betty and Danny and they talked for awhile. Malone appeared interested in the situation, while Luther realized that Mr. Malone’s wife had passed recently. She had become injured and was taken to the hospital in Red Hook which was nearby. There was a power outage and it appears she was killed by rats, along with several others, similar to case files: Jenkins Lives.

Betty healed him and Mr. Malone agreed to determine if he would accept in the next couple of days. Jennie has confirmed he will be calling. When they arrived a discussion developed and it was determined after a near fight over baked goods that something speaks to Paul “from the darkness” of the portals he creates.

A dispute erupted that Luther took care of immediately, stopping the fight between Jennie and Paul. They were possibly attempting to “work things out” when Betty had evidently had enough and came in putting both of them to sleep. Paul was out for the rest of the day while Jennie was out a short time. Morgan reinforced Paul’s room magically to keep the voices at bay (and is currently working on a tattoo to do this).

Meanwhile Luther learned that he can help feed both Betty and Jennie who are both subject to wasting away due to use of their powers (Betty much less so then Jennie as Jennie can’t turn her’s off). At some point Betty and Danny got together and he learned similarly how to do it.

It has yet to be established how to stop the influence on Paul fully, that will be pursued in the future.

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