Location: PKSM (Miskatonic University)

Name:       Phi Kappa Sigma Mystiriodis (Regional HQ)
Type:         HQ/Living Area/Recruiting
Location: Miskatonic University – Arkham, Massachussetts

Originally a Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity this place was closed down in 1892 after an accident resulted in the deaths or involuntary commitment to an asylum. The official story was bread laced with a hallucinogenic compound. Per the Candle’s archives it appears to have been a communing/summoning ritual that went bad.

The fraternity was shut down until 1934 when it was bought by the Golden Candle and refurbished. It is currently awaiting the use of representatives of the Golden Candle for regional investigations. During this time it will reopen as a fraternity for Miskatonic University and help support the cost of operations and as a recruitment tool for new investigators.

Fraternity Roll Call:

to be determined…



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