Case File: Jenkin Lives

rat/human hybrid

Case File: F-2811-031-041617
Related Files:
F…040217 “A Restoration of Evil”
Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn NY
Mythos Relation: The Dreams in the Witch House
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: Rat-Thing (nothing known about it)
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Paul Crow

Known Background: The group had been settling down for the prior two weeks. It appears that Luther has finally taken Paul under his wing and is training him.

On a Tuesday night, Jennie suffered one of her visions, feeling herself being eaten alive by small mouths. She found Luther and conveyed to him the problems. About half of the team was away, Jennie expressed her fears/impressions. Luther assessed the situation and determined they were equipped enough to investigate.

Luther, Paul, Jennie and Donnie arrived at an old, run down apartment building. They found the apartment that Jennie had visions of and established that the infant baby was missing. The father was delirious in angst and could not locate the baby.

After some time at the apartment Jennie had another vision, one of being eaten alive by rats. The group began looking again and finally in the basement of the building they found signs of rats that stole the baby. They ate the baby and when the group arrived some of them attacked the group while the leader seemed to disappear.

It is unknown at this time what the rats were and what they are doing. Luther and the group confirmed the loss of the baby with authorities and the father. They then returned home.

This file will be kept active until we can determine where the rats came from and what they were doing.

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A late forty-something writer, photographer, auditor and game-master, married to the most fantastic guy. Also I am a prolific SJW just to get that out there.
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