Case File: Restoration of Evil

ritual for Tulzscha

Case File: F-2811-021-040217
Related Files:
F…041617 “Jenkins Lives”
Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn NY
Mythos Relation: The Horror at Red Hook
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: Tulzscha (Outer God)
Investigators Involved:
Morgan Tirmizi (Adams)
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Paul Crow

New Members: Morgan’s team hired on four new members to replace the lost members of the Divirnes Incident. The only survivors of the prior team are Morgan Tirmizi (Adams) and Jennie Cabot. The other five members are either KIA or MIA. The new people consist of the following:

  • Luther Luckett, a German veteran of World War I. He appears to be capable of not only fighting but working under pressure, leading his group and most importantly taking care of who he calls “The Kinder”.
  • Donald “Donnie” Smits, a British veteran of World War I. An experienced scout, pilot, guide and hunter. Donnie is loyal but tends to not think before acting.
  • Rachel Kinowski, turns out she is a telekinetic that appears to be very good with her powers. We know she has been hired to perform professionally, but we are still unsure of the details.
  • Paul Crow, a teleporter who has not been formally trained. He is under tutelage of Luther but it is unknown if he will work out.

Known Background: Red Hook is an area of depleted streets and crumbling buildings located in a neglected corner of Brooklyn’s waterfront.

  •  NYC Govt overlooks what happens in Red Hook on a regular basis. The immigrant population is disliked by most of NYC officials and has been left to rot for decades.
  • Pavement and buildings have not been repaired in years. Water pipes, phone lines and electricity frequently break down.
  • Because of this, it is believed multiple occult and criminal groups are operating within Red Hook.
  • A renewal project was started two years ago by certain persons in the NYC government. They hired Hamilton Construction Company to renovate the area.
  • Multiple members of Hamilton Construction Company were killed and found appearing much older then their actual age.

Luther, Paul and Jennie investigated the death of Horace Baker, employee of the construction company and in charge of renovating that area of Redhook. They found him dead at his apartment. Jennie was their to use her power and there was some sort of issue between Luther and Paul because of it.

The group then did further investigations of the area and found a fire had ravaged the same area that Horace was in charge of. The disaster killed many locals and several police officers. The single remaining officer named Malone was interviewed by Luther.

After close investigation the team learned of the “Cult of the Green Flame”, a local group that worshipped Tulzscha. The group learned of a possible sacrifice and a quick rescue mission was mounted. There they rescued several people (classified identities) and put the cult down, including the lead priest that appeared to be some sort of revenant or returnee from the dead. It is unknown at this time what that creature was, so no entry was made.


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