Morgan Tirmizi, team leader

Morgan pre-1930

Full Name: Morgan Tirmizi
Gender: Both
Race: Persian
Height: 5′ 9”
Weight: 145 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Age: 41
Build: Morgan is slender, sometimes appearing more feminine and sometimes more masculine.

Complete Physical Description:
Morgan has dark skin, marking them as Persian. Slender and androgynous, their appearance shifts due to the circumstances of their birth. Their eyes are brown with gold flakes and long eyelashes, and their hair is raven black. Morgan is covered in ritualistic tattoos that are visible when they have removed clothing.

They favor wearing various outfits, the more extreme their shift in gender the more likely they wear clothing to match it. When more androgynous they tend to wear slacks, shirt, vest and other more conservative masculine clothing since that generally gets better reception from the public.

Place of Birth:
Outside Rasht, Iran

Date of Birth:
February 29, 1892

Not much is known about Morgan’s family.

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses:
Morgan has no sense of modesty about their body, which can be an uncomfortable situation for people who don’t realize what Morgan’s story is.  As a probably side effect of their condition, Morgan has no preconceived notion on the role of women or men and tends to take people as individuals.


All that is known about Morgan’s history is they were born as a set of twins. The story goes that in order to save the son, their clan leader had the wise ones cast a ritual that combined both the son and daughter into the daughter’s body. This has resulted in Morgan’s gender being fluid (GURPS result Hermaphromorph).

The only other thing known at this time is that Morgan has been a member of the Golden Candle for almost 20 years.


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