Jennie Cabot, psychometrist

Jennie MarloweFull Name: Jennie Elizabeth Cabot
Gender: Female
Race: White (American)
Height: 5′ 3”
Weight: 105 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown (varies)
Age: 21

Build: Jennie is a slender, small thing with an overdeveloped chest. Always appears undernourished.

Complete Physical Description:

Jennie is shorter and slight of frame. Her hair tends to stay shoulder length but sometimes gets cut or grown depending if she can talk Morgan into lengthening the hair. Her eyes are large, nose and a small mouth.

Jennie tends to wear whatever is laying around. On occasion she will gussy herself up in proper feminine form, but she generally prefers comfort and ease of movement. She also doesn’t buy expensive clothing as she doesn’t like replacing it after a binge. She also doesn’t cleanup after herself and she wears her clothes a tad longer then she should.

Place of Birth:
Ackworth, Iowa (population 110)

Date of Birth:
February 29, 1912

Father (James), Mother (Elizabeth), two older brothers (Robert, Daniel) and an older sister (Maggie).

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses:
Due to the visions she endures, Jennie tends to avoid touching people except those she lives with. She also tends to engage in elicit substances and alcohol. There is always a crumb ring around her from her lack of hygiene on occasion.


Jennie has always had visions. Having undergone at least two exorcisms, four “camps” for wayward women and expulsion from schools and churches she eventually left home at 14. She was taken in by Morgan when she was 16, having survived before that by living on the streets.

She is the only other survivor of this team from prior missions.

About Lucky

A late forty-something writer, photographer, auditor and game-master, married to the most fantastic guy. Also I am a prolific SJW just to get that out there.
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