Wildcat & Orchid Bar

Name:       Wildcat & Orchid Bar
Type:         Bar/Library
Location: Manhattan, NYC
Hours:      5am – 2am (everyday).
Owner:     Jeppa Larsen

Sitting beside the Pickingill Historical Society, the Wildcat & Orchid is one of the less well known bars in a city that has an international offering. The focus of the Wildcat & Orchid is to university/lecturers/ and ivory tower set. Among the tables are shelves of books, mostly historical and folklore, but with a bit of poetry and fiction mixed in.

The shop is where members of the historical society go to relax, enjoy some drinks and attempt to get away from the work of the society. Some business and a lot of relaxation is done here in between the bookshelves and tables.

Below are a few images of the Wildcat & Orchid.

About Lucky

A late forty-something writer, photographer, auditor and game-master, married to the most fantastic guy. Also I am a prolific SJW just to get that out there.
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