Case File: End of the Redwood Gang

Sewer outside RW Gang HQ

Case File: F-2811-041-110217
Related Files: Curious Case of Misty, Sewer Clearing, Jenkins Lives
Location(s): Red Hook, Brooklyn NY
Mythos Relation: The Dreams in the Witch House
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: Rat-Thing (no stats avail.)
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski

The last two weeks have been more busy then normal for down time. We have been getting to know Ischara more, and she seems to have a positive contribution to the group.

Luther himself has gotten a couple of different job offers. One of them was given to him by Montel Schiffer, a Dutch commander in the Foreign Legion. He offered Luther a higher non-commissioned officer position, about double the money I can afford. Luther said no.

Two days later he got another offer. This time Thaddeaus Montgomery’s Candle Team. Lead by Mischa Troponov. It started when Luther got a call from the bar saying that Donnie was in a fight. Luther arrived to find Mischa holding Donnie down.

Once the situation was settled Mischa introduced Luther to Sylvia, one of their kinder who could “unleash death”. Luther never got to see what that meant, but it sounds like it is a serious thing.

Mischa offered to hire Luther for even more money. He also told Luther about the debt we are incurring. Luther is concerned for me. He turned down the money and in fact asked me to send a counter-offer for Mischa and Sylvia, which I have done.

During this time Rachel underwent their transformation. Ray is a handsome man, who carried both his looks and his capabilities to his new identity. The rest of the crew were a bit gobsmacked I think, and seemed very happy for Ray.

Finally Luther was able to take some time off and go back to Frankie’s in New York (Brooklynn). That way he could visit with David and get a break. It turned out to only be Theresa, Donnie and Luther. Luther seemed relieved to have a break. He cares about the rest of the kinder, but it is a full time job.

Once there he settled in until a hired hitman approached him. Proffering photos of the group he indicated that the Redwood Gang wanted him out of the city or they would kill his team.

Luther of course did not take that well. He killed the hitman right there and called Ray to bring in Jennie and anyone else who wanted to help. Misty of course was the first person there to volunteer.

They all met in NYC with Luther who organized them to sweep the sewers. They determined there were 9 of the gang left. The gang originally had more than 40 members, but thanks to the incidents that number had been reduced.

The team rolled through the sewers with no opposition. I don’t doubt for a second we will be threatened heavily and take losses in the future, but there is nothing the remaining Redwood Gang could really do to slow down our entire team sweeping with all Kinder active.

The brought me back a rat that Jennie really wants stuffed, and with a very happy team. In addition Luther brought back a map that the Redwood Gang was using. Theresa is currently trying to determine what the map is for. I am also sending feelers out as well.

Redwood Map

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Case File: Ischara

Case File: F-2811-031-101517
Related Files: Nothing
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Mythos Relation: Unknown
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: Atlantean/Elven?
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski

Known Background: Originally the photo of “Ischara” was uncovered by Luther when he was talking with the Miskatonic Professors and their Library vaults.

There was something about the image that caught Luther’s attention and the next four months we commissioned research into where she was. These are the details we have confirmed:

  • Her name is Ischara, she has pointed ears and is very slender.
  • She has acted as a prostitute for famous and powerful people for at least 50 years.
  • Her place of residence was Washington DC
  • Her main clientele were corporate businessmen, politicians and others of high repute.
  • She is definitely not human, however we could not locate anyone who has seen her in person to confirm any nonhuman attributes other than the ears.

We spent the next month or two attempting to find a way to make contact with her. She was booked out for months, and no one could be located who could make contact with her for us.

Eventually in mid-October she was relocated to St. Louis. Luther contacted Angie, the boss of Chicago and Angie arranged an appointment for Luther. After a quick visit with Angie Luther and the Kinder headed down to St. Louis. There he met Ischara and found the following details.

  • Ischara is very old, she has been doing this for at least 100 years, moving when her age was becoming apparent.
  • Ischara is a full blooded elf, while Betty’s family has bits of “elf blood” but not from the same caste.
  • Ischara’s people were destroyed by the Greeks and other human tribes, utilizing humans like Jennie.
  • Ischara can shift herself through magic.
  • Ischara is amenable to coming back with us and may help us with some research.

Ischara and Luther came to an agreement and Luther smuggled out Ischara with some sort of vacuum and Jennie. Ischara is being transported back home as we speak.

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Case File: Camber Mine

Camber Mine’s East Opening

Case File: F-2811-021-0923-2417
Related Files: None
Location: Appalachia
Mythos Relation: Unknown
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Betty Horscht
Jeremiah Boone
Florence “Flo” Linnear
Ruby Millicient
Theresa Beckinridge

The time has come for us to rescue Betty’s brother Stuart from a mining camp in the Appalachian mountains called Camber Mine.

Camber Mine is owned by Owen Camber, the son of Delco Camber a Lt. in the Confederate Army. During the American Civil War, Delco’s unit was wiped out in the woods outside of what is now Camber Mine in Kentucky. It is unknown exactly what happened, but Union forces were blamed for the massacre.

About 7 years after the war was over (1872), Delco came back with money and began a timber businesses. Felling the trees in the area his men had died 9 years before (2 years before the end of the Civil War). The timber company flourished with business, but for an unknown reason the company was selling its timber for less than the cost of cutting it and transporting it.

Within a year of timber operations, Camber Timber Company began mining the area instead. All Timber operations had been stopped and incredible expense was incurred to build a mining company. They have been mining for almost 40 years with no sign of stopping. They are able to meet the cheapest coal prices which many believe isn’t survivable for company.

Camber Mine West Entry

The group is being led by Luther who is imitating a German businessman who is trying to move money out of Germany before Hitler nationalizes everything.

They arrived at the one saloon mining camp and were immediately told that Boone would have to sleep in the barn. Luther would not tolerate this and eventually contacted the owner of the mine who agreed to host the party. The owner is still Owen Camber, with his assistant Rick “Chief” Bright.

Meanwhile Luther and the group met up with a mobile prostitute camp that had rented part of the saloon. The name of the group is the Red Crown, a group I don’t have much knowledge on but is probably another search group like ours.

An alliance was made, the Red Crown was led by Wilhelmina who is called “Willy” by close friends, a German actress/entertainer from Berlin. The groups seemed to get a long and Willy as her people call her agreed to house some of the members of the group.


Meanwhile Luther, Donnie, Jennie and Rachel went to Owen Camp’s house where they had drinks and hit it off. Jennie and Luther occupied Owen’s time and learned some info, that the mining company is looking for some form of diamond.

They also learned about Stuart being there and someone who went into the mine with the miners. His presence apparently keeps the miners healthier and able to work longer. The effect however is not easy on him.

Later that night Luther and Rachel snuck deeper into the house, found Betty’s brother Stuart’s room on the other side of the sleeping Chief. Rachel distracted Chief while Luther confirmed with Stuart who he was and to let him know he would be rescued.

The next morning Owen and Chief slept in due to the distractions, while Jennie and Luther went hunting. Outside they discovered no animals, and a unusual aura in the forest. Misty met up with Luther and relayed the locations of the mining personnel and then returned to the Red Crown’s troupe.

Luther and Jennie eventually found the monolith where Owen’s father’s men died. It was growing as Obsidian straight out of the ground, with unknown writing all over it. Luther took notes and Jennie took grave rubbings. They returned to the house to await the trip to the mine with Stuart and Owen.

Obelisk from a different world

The group met up again, exchanged notes and then Luther, Jennie, Rachel and Donnie went down with the Chief and Owen to the mine. There they met up with Stuart as well as several miners. Down below there is an old settlement or town of serpentmen/lizardmen origin. The miners were using the underground river and a compressor to shave the walls of the abandoned settlement. Embedded within the walls were some sort of crystal like items.

Lizardmen/Serpentmen ruins

They were unable to determine what the diamonds were for, but Luther pocketed some and noted where Owen kept them as they went back upstairs. When they got up there Luther was approached by Owen in a request to marry Rachel. This was not taken seriously, but it did let Luther implement a plan later that night.

The plan was to allow Rachel to occupy the Chief’s time, and then allow Jennie to assess the Chief when Rachel comes back. Which she did. Jennie was able to figure out that a different race originally lived at the obelisk location. Something came through the obelisk, destroyed them. Later a local tribe came into the area and was also destroyed. Fast forward a little while longer and Delco’s confederate unit was destroyed.

The vision continued and showed that about seven years after the loss of the confederate troops Delco returned and formed a timber company trying to destroy the forest. At some point Delco was held under sway of the Chief and instead began mining the ground in an attempt to get at that city. Delco grew older and Owen took over, and to this current day Owen is trying to dig out the lizardman/serpentman village under the sway of Chief.

Luther decided to destroy the obelisk and went up to the monolith’s site. There he found Chief camped a few hundred feet away. Rachel decided to go over to Chief and distract him while Luther set up explosives around the monolith. While he was there, Luther was approached by two zombie Cherokee which he killed without much effort. He signaled to Donnie to take out the Chief, which was followed up by Rachel using her telekentic ability on Chief.

This had some sort of effect on the miners in town. All of the residents and miners that had been in town for longer then a few weeks immediately left their homes/saloon and disappeared into the mine. Luther tried to chase after them to save them, and caught a glimpse of something in the dark, but the entire town disappeared.

Luther helped the remaining miners split their payroll and load the train with the obelisk to take home for study. The group said goodbyes to Willy’s group and came home, where he filled me in on the details, plus some personnel issues that had come up.

The mission went better than well, no one was hurt, the obelisk came back and everyone is excited that Stuart is here.

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Case File: Carthage Lodge

Carthage Lodge (Catskill Mountains)

Case File: F-2811-021-090317
Related Files: None
Location: Carthage Lodge
(link coming soon)
Mythos Relation: Unknown
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski
Betty Horscht

It was time for Luther and the crew to head up to the Carthage Lodge in the Catskill Mountains. The meeting between the families was scheduled for 7 days, the last 7 days the lodge was open before it closed for the season.

Luther arrived at New York to travel with Frank Garofalo and his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth turns out to have a spark in her, one that Jennie and Misty recognized immediately. She isn’t fully powered, but both think it gives her some sort of edge. It sounds like this comes from her great grandmother, an escaped slave in the south who turned Vodun Priestess.

Elizabeth appears smart and capable, although Luther did assign her a bodyguard at all times at the lodge. She would be a weak point for the Rats to use to make Frank make decisions. It does appear though after the fact that Frank confers with her and that they both are deeply in love. With him being in his late 50s/early 60s and her in her mid 35s it seems to fit well.













At the Lodge they met with multiple families. It was found out that it was a business proposition and alliance to help a Chinese Triad smuggle opium and people into the states through the New York area, and then into the heartland via Chicago. There were members from various families in those areas meeting. Here is a short description of each of them and what Luther found out.

The Lucchese Crime Family sent James Cataldo to host the meeting, along with Michael Gambia, and Ray Cutaia as soldiers with Matthew Shiona their accountant. We found that Mr. Cutaia had some of the Rats in his employ. Nothing confirmed, no attacks were made, but this is where the danger seems to be coming from.

Ray Cutaia mugshot circa 1933

The DeCavalcante Family, headed by Joeseph Consalvo arrived, they had 4 full blooded Italian soldiers that served under Benito Mussolini. They were here to help the DeCavalcante set up military supplies from Europe. They had no other influence except as another family helping with the “business”.

The “Chicago Outfit”, with Al Capone gone, a new replacement named Al “the Shotgun” Alderisio showed up with 9 men and his girlfriend “Angie”. They seemed fairly straight forward, but it seems Angie is actually in charge, using Al as the figurehead. Our team and her made some great connections.

Angie, from the “Chicago Outfit”

Finally they met with the Chinese contingent, including Bao Zhang, the official representative from the Wo Shing Wo Society (Triad) along with several enforcers along with several members of the Snakehead Gang. One member of the Triad knew Jennie, a gentleman named Guang knew Jennie and that gave Luther a connection with them.

During the time they were there, Jennie would wake up at 3am every night and hear chanting. Luther would take her, and sometimes others down to look for where it was coming from. The Carthage Lodge is huge and they found several basements, but never the exact location of the chanting.

At the end Luther found why the rats had never surfaced except for an errant individual. They met Adam, the lodge’s owner, who also happens to be like Jennie, but a male. His assistant Po explained that sometimes people with the spark arrive. They had spent the entire time protecting the meeting.

Evidently this is a normally protected area, but Adam and his people knew the rats were coming so they reinforced it. There will be another meeting in about six months. We are going to need to expect that the rats will find a way around it then. However, we have secured some allies both with Chicago and with the Carthage Lodge itself that would make this mission a victory.

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Case File: Sewer Clearing

Boston Harbor 1930s

Case File: F-2811-021-081117
Related Files: Jenkin Lives
Location: Boston Harbor
Mythos Relation: The Dreams in the Witch House
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski

Misty has been with our group now for almost a month. Luther has been training her extra hard to gain an understanding of how her abilities work. What we have established is she hits harder then she looks, her weapons and fists penetrate protective clothing and inflict more pain.

During this time Luther picked up his sword he had made, and had a second sword made for Misty. They are very solid, reliable combat weapons. I will recommend that the Candle use the blacksmith for other weapons in the future.

After what Luther determined was adequate training, he decided to go back to Boston and clear out those sewers. First they stopped at Misty’s place and she retrieved her items. Luther also outfitted the team with his modern weapons he had secured earlier.

Barbara’s Boarding House

From there the entire field team (all members minus Morgan, Paul and Betty who was rotated out at the time) searched the sewers, allowing Misty to show them where to go. The sewers are incredibly expansive, fortunately Misty seemed to be in tune with it.

Boston Sewers

There was another mafia family who controlled part of the sewers and seemed to be working with whatever force that Misty was protecting the sewers against. They came across cultists/mafia (it could not be determined if they were actual mafia, that is just an assumption at this point).

It should also be noted that they came across a few of those human faced rats. They died fairly quickly but it has been reported it was very disquieting to see them. There was also mention of the “Redwoods” a local gang that may have members like the rat-like man who attacked Betty and Donnie saved her from.

They also came across a room with a sigil placed in the wall. The area was similar to the sigil that Betty’s family protects the world from. Luther went to action and the team secured the room, eliminated all threats and pushed the idol in the middle of the room into the ocean.

Luther claims Nodens was helping. I hope he is right, we could use all the help we can.

The final result was the sewers cleared for the moment. Misty is a good addition to the team, and Luther has requested the Candle settle a team over the area to guard it.

This may not be a bad idea, the “kinder” as Luther calls them are attracted to the area, and with Misty leaving with us it is undoubtably going to be a new one that arrives fairly soon.

We have leads on possible issues dealing with the group running out of the sewers, but will not report exact details until we can confirm.

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Deep One Hybrid, Lesser Servitor Race

The Deep One Hybrids resemble humans with the “Innsmouth Look”. The look is a local term describing the odd conditions offered by many of the residents of the town. It is characterized by large, distended eyes, a general broadening of the mouth, and a stooping posture with many skin conditions.”

Name: Deep One Hybrid
Type: Lesser Servitor (Human/Deep One offspring)
Known Gods: Dagon, and Hydra
Locations Encountered:
Innsmouth, Massachusetts

Description: The Deep One Hybrids resemble humans with the “Innsmouth Look”. The look is a local term describing the odd conditions offered by many of the residents of the town. It is characterized by large, distended eyes, a general broadening of the mouth, and a stooping posture with many skin conditions.

This is blamed on inbreeding, the introduction of foreign blood, or the long-term result of the plague that swept through in the 19th century.

Later stages of the malady result in an enlargement of the hands and feet, and a change in hip structure that results in a hopping/shuffling gate. It is, of course, a result of the crossbreeding between deep ones and the inhabitants of the accursed town. Though most offsprings are born as normal humans, changes begin taking place usually in the victim’s early teens. By middle age most hybrids show some form of gross deformity, many retiring tot he privacy of their closely-shuttered homes. Most make the final transformation to deep one, and return to the sea.

The hybrids are not unprepared. Their physical changes are accompanied by an awakening of new senses, and they are visited in their dreams by other deep ones, sometimes introducing themselves as their hybrid’s forebears. They are shown vast aquatic cities swarming with strange creatures and they are taught about life under the sea.

The final stages are accompanied by an intensifying set of dreams and mutations until the hybrid goes mad or undergoes the final change.

Abilities: Hybrids are average human strength, health and dexterity. They are considered slightly less attractive generally but are usually larger and smarter than most of their human family. They have regular human like skills and are able to use firearms or other advanced equipment.

Life: Not much is understood at this time about their life.

Rumored History (not confirmed): It is unknown where Deep Ones or the hybrids come from.

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Case File: Curious case of Misty

Boston Harbor 1930s

Case File: F-2811-021-072917
Related Files: None
Location: Boston Harbor
Mythos Relation: Unknown
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski

It has been quiet since the last assignment and the team has had a lot of time to practice and get used to each other.

During this time Luther secured a connection with his contacts in the Boston Harbor and New York and had arranged German weapons to be purchased. In late September he was contacted by those people to alert him that his cargo had been received.

Luther took Rachel, Donnie and Jennie with him to secure the cargo. While they were down there he found out that his old war buddy Vernon Schmidt had gone out of his way to secure the appropriate gear, far above what was expected.

Luther indicated this person was one of the survivors of that night that awoken him to the occult. I still haven’t heard the full story. We will probably have Luther relate that story to us at some point in time.

While at the harbor he had heard about a woman that was spotted that appeared similar to Jennie. He related to me that he was hoping it was another one of the psychics. He made his way down to the area that the woman had been seen and discovered at the same time,  that there were other people with rat like appearances who were part of the “Redwood” gang. They looked for people like Jennie.

Luther came across an old boarding house that served the young woman he had heard about. He approached this woman and found the keeper of the boarding house named Barbara had watched over her. She mentioned to Luther that the young girl’s name was Misty.

Barbara’s Boarding House

Misty is in her mid-twenties, far older then most like Jennie. She was some sort of psychic warrior. She kept the sewers of the area clear of bad things, and paid her way by being an escort to the local men. Her only obvious weapons were an older revolver and a cavalry saber she had received a few years before as a gift.

Luther had reached her in bad shape though. She was sick, dying and would soon pass. He asked her about it and she said she wasn’t worried because another girl would come take her place, like she took the place of the girl before her.

I still do not know how Luther convinced Misty, but she fed off him and he then convinced her to come home so we can try and heal her. I think we can, it will just take some serious work on our part. I will write about that more later.

While he was down there, before they came back, Luther decided to go down to his old club he bounced for. There he met a man named David and they seemed to have hit it off. Luther was smiling when he got back. That is a good sign.

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Ruby Millicent, linguist

Ruby, First day back at MU

Full Name: Ruby Millicent
Birth Name: Chen-Jin “Ancient Gold”  (no surname)
Gender: Female
Race: Chinese
Height: 5’3″”
Weight: 105 lbs
Eyes: brown
Hair: Black
Age: 24
Build: Slender and short.

Complete Physical Description:
She is a short slender woman of an Chinese descent. Her hair is kept tied back generally and she wears traditionally western clothing, blouses and slacks primarily.

She is in excellent condition, having been an athlete at Miskatonic University in her undergraduate years. Her sports were javelin, track and swimming.

She does wear lipstick, shadow and all the standard western woman accountraments, along with being heavily tattooed as a child/teen by her family. She only wears clothes that will show off any of the tattoos when she is feeling safe.

Place of Birth:
Zhoushang Archipelago, China

Date of Birth:
June 30, 1912

An adoptive set of white parents, two sisters and two brothers (adopted)

Twitches, quirks, fears, or bonuses:
Quite, demure, but very loyal and can definitely relax when the situation warrants. She is an accomplished linguist and can speak/write more than 12 languages fluently, and several others at least partially.

List of Personal Logs:

  • None Yet


During her time as a baby (approximately 1911/1912 to her knowledge) her grandmother rescued  her from the aftermath of the Wuchang Uprising in her native homeland of China.

As far as Ruby understands it, her family lived on an island and the Wuchang Uprising had occurred. The event itself didn’t displace her, rather it was the resulting changes in the country. The revolutionaries that had overthrown the Qing government eventually made their way to the islands her family lived at.

Her grandmother escaped the attack on her people that occurred during a volcanic eruption from a newly appearing island (there are 1,390 islands in that archipelago). Her grandmother arrived in San Diego 5 months later with Ruby as a very very small child.

Her grandmother’s efforts left her ill and she passed within two years. Ruby was adopted by a set of white parents with 4 children (two boys, two girls) and cared for Ruby as their own. They renamed her as a young child Ruby in order for her to fit in more. They felt it was sufficiently exotic without being truly too exotic.

Ruby grew up in a middle class household, won scholarships to Miskatonic University and discovered she had a knack for languages.

Ruby has never understood the tattoos on herself, she doesn’t know the meanings of them as they are not in any of the languages she speaks, fluently or not.

Ruby excelled in her masters degree as well and was hired by the Golden Candle, specifically by Luther Luckett to work for the group.

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Case File: Rescuing Betty’s Brother

Innsmouth Harbor

Case File: F-2811-055-070217
Related Files:
Overlook Point and Meetings
Location(s): Innsmouth, MA,
Mythos Relation:Innsmouth
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett (Leader/Soldier)
Donnie Smits (Pilot/Soldier)
Jennie Cabot (Psychic)
Rachel Kinowski (Telekenetic)
Ruby Millicent (Linguist)
Paul Crow (Researcher)
Betty Horscht (Healer/Fighter)
Jeremiah Boone (Archeology/Anthropology)

The team was finally given the go ahead by Jennie to try and retrieve Betty’s brother from his captivity. Using Luther’s persuasion of the local real estate agent, the team made a bid to come to Innsmouth to check for places to buy, especially the “Custom House”. An old abandoned port of entry.

They also found research that indicated that Dagon could be traced back to the middle east. It was unclear why, but originally there were references to Dagon being the god of grain and fertility, then at some point the god of the sea. However, the recurring theme was the punishment of Dagon statues by decapitation of the head and hands.

Luther presented himself as a businessman with wide ranging interests on that Monday, his girlfriend was Jennie and his assistant was Rachel. Jeremiah and Ruby were servants.

They arrived at the town and met with a Reginald Abernathy, who escorted them around for most of the day showing them different places. The found a few things of note.

  • War Memorial

    The Custom House had a sewer/smuggling system that ran under it. It led from deeper in the town (ending at the church for the Esoteric Order of Dagon) with several cutoffs

  • The Church Street Green, Revolutionary War Memorial had statues back to the Revolutionary War had their heads destroyed and in many cases their hands.
  • The oldest cemetery Church Street Burying Ground has the most “sacred” or not contaminated feel according to Jennie while the Christchurch Cemetery with the most powerful families was.
  • The Gilman House was the only open hotel, of dubious nature. There were no locks on the doors and the fire escape had long since collapsed.
  • Innsmouth Cafe, a horrible tasting cafe with a waitress who tried to hit on Luther.
  • First National Grocer was ran by non-Innsmouth manager named Albert. This is where the group bought food and a hot plate.

Luther met Arthur Mackey, a representative of the state inspection board (turns out he is actual FBI). Mackey and Luther talked for a while that evening, Luther was satisfied Mackey was not a local plant.

The group survived the first night at the Gilman House. Luther and Donnie both heard things moving in the attic, but nothing occurred. By morning everyone but Ruby had nightmares, trouble sleeping and in general were aggravated.

That morning Paul showed up with Betty. In the middle of the prior night they had driven from Arkham. Luther decided to use Paul to help get into the location of Betty’s brother.

The group made their way through the smuggling tunnel, with dynamite and weapons. As they arrived at the Church for the Order of Dagon, when they used Paul to sneak in. Here is where Arthur Mackey arrived and revealed who he worked for. He then assisted the group for the rest of the time.

The group snuck into the church. Jennie, utilizing a spell given to her by Florence (an occultist that will be joining our group) and by using Luther to power it, cast the spell rendering the members of the church unconscious.

At this time Luther took initiative to end the monsters in the church, he laced the area with dynamite and blew much of it apart. This resulted in the death of many deep ones, and deep one hybrids. He was also able to secure a lot of information from the church during this.

Once they left the church, the were engaged by a small lady, much like Jennie, in a  fight. Jennie and the young woman fought until the woman perished. The death seemed to signal the remaining hybrid/inhabitants to retreat and Luther was able to hold out until the National Guard arrived on Mackey’s orders.

Everyone returned safe with a plethora of new information. The town itself is still very dangerous. I do not believe the threat has been fully eliminated. We will need to explore Innsmouth further, there are many secrets that have not been revealed.

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Case File: Overlook Point and Meetings

Overlook (Lovers) Point

Case File: F-2811-055-0617/2417
Related Files:
Location(s): Innsmouth, MA,
PKSM (MU University)
Mythos Relation:Innsmouth
Mythos Powers/Creatures Encountered: None
Investigators Involved:
Luther Luckett
Donnie Smits
Jennie Cabot
Rachel Kinowski

The team had finally arrived at Miskatonic University. Their purpose was to take over the PKSM fraternity/sorority on campus. They would use this place to help search for recruits for the Golden Candle.

Shortly after arriving at the University, Luther met Dr. McTavish, the head of Archeology and Dr. Nash, the head of Anthropology in an attempt to get referrals of students that would work with the group well.

Dr. Nash invited Luther and whoever he wanted to bring to the barbecue the weekend before school started again.

During the following Friday, before the barbecue, Luther was awaken from his sleep by Jennie. She told Luther that he needed to take her for a drive, and Luther concluded with the blood running out of Jennie’s nose that it must be a vision they had.

Luther and Jennie drove up some backroads and eventually ended up on Overlook Point, a place just outside Innsmouth, with a nice view overlooking the town, the harbor and the surrounding area.

While they were there they saw a larger group of people on boats heading out to a smaller island. They carried torches and it appeared to not be a normal set of activities you would find in a fishing or gold refining town.

Before the two could leave, one of the Innsmouth deputies arrived on the scene and harassed the two of them creepily. He had assumed they were using the location and the car to be more intimate, which Luther and Jennie seemed to agree with.

After the harassing police officer left, the two of them returned back to the house and debriefed Morgan and the rest of the group. They decided after the barbecue they would make retrieving Betty’s brother from the town their goal.

The barbecue itself went by fairly well. There they met Jeremiah Boone, an African American Anthropology/Archeology masters student. Florence Dinner, a red headed occult major from Liverpool UK and Ruby Millicent, an asian linguist who seems to be related to the Tcho Tcho people.

During the barbecue, Dr. Nash and Dr. McTavish took Luther, Rachel and the new students to the restricted section of the library. There they showed them case study books of different races, including Tcho Tcho, people like Jennie and even like Rachel. They learned that Joan of Arc may have been two women who were sisters, or just close, but history lumped them together.

Dr. Nash and Dr. McTavish have given permission for Luther to visit the restricted archives at his leisure.

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